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Morale Corp specializes in providing cutting-edge strategic HR management solutions to help businesses elevate their workforce.

How can you manage your people, if you don’t understand your people


Morale Corp

Our people professional consultancy comprises specialists and practitioners from various related and supported disciplines. We are a well-established people professional consultancy with the ability to offer several value-adding interventions, including Strategic Human Resource Management, psychological assessment, labour and law compliance, based on a unique professional integrated approach.

As a leading people professional consultancy, we provide flexible and sustainable end-to-end solutions that will empower you to:

   ● Create and maintain a motivated and productive organization.
   ● Make effective decisions about people, strategy, and structure
  ● Maximise return on investment through human resource management

We start by conducting a detailed evaluation of your current workforce and systems, to provide you with a solution tailored to your needs.

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Our strategic solutions for People Professional Interventions include:

• Role definition, work design, performance management and employee engagement
• Identifying gaps between strategy and implementation
• Aligning your strategies to global trends that impact your business
• Talent management and succession planning
• Psychometric evaluation and development planning
• Strategic Team building

Our Success is Built on:

Morale Corp is a full-service, boutique people professional consultancy offering personalised services. As a client, you can rest assured that your business will be dealt with professionally, timeously and with the highest level of integrity. You matter to us. Whatever your needs, we have the skills, expertise, and support structures to be your preferred turnkey people professional solutions partner. Our professional services are fuelled by passion and diligence, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our clients and staff. We focus on transforming teams into sustainable, empowered, and motivated workforces.


Highly experienced team of subject matter experts


Development of bespoke solutions around the requirements of each client.


Use of best practices, confidentiality, corporate governance, and social responsibility


Our consultants’ affiliations with the relevant professional bodies SABPP (South African Board of People Practices) and HPCSA (Health Professions Council South Africa) and their continuous development of their skills, knowledge, and expertise.


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