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Morale Corp understands the importance of corporate social responsibility and the impact that it has on the greater society. Thus, we proudly support the non-profit organisation (277-196 NPO) called the Heart of Stella Foundation.

Heart of Stella Foundation

Heart of Stella Foundation is registered as a Non-Profit. Heart of Stella Foundation support two main functions: Firstly, they have an unshakeable passion to assist and empower moms and babies in need during the first few weeks of motherhood and infancy, with the aim of placing value and dignity on mothers during one of the most vulnerable times of her life. Secondly, they aim to redistribute some of the goods we receive to children removed from abusive homes to provide them some comfort in a scary and unsettling time.

Heart of Stella Foundation believes that there are five essential asset areas—necessities; health, psychoeducation and training, food security, community involvement and empowerment—that are vital for individual and family success on the path out of poverty.

Heart of Stella Foundation commit to protecting the children in their programs from all forms of abuse and exploitation, to intervene quickly and to seek restoration and healing for children affected by abuse and believe it's important to uphold the dignity of the poor. They commit to handle the issue of poverty in people's lives with respect and to portray the poor in ways that express their need while maintaining their dignity. They commit to helping mothers, children and babies in the poor communities improve their lives and achieve lasting victories over poverty and abuse. Founded to provide relief for the marginalized and the underprivileged communities. They see Heart of Stella Foundation quickly becoming a trusted vessel to holistically address immediate and long-term needs while making concrete steps towards realizing greater dreams and aspirations.

Contact us at to find out how you or your organisation can become involved or donate to the Heart of Stella Foundation

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