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Our Strategic Human Capital Services

Morale Corp is a full-service turnkey strategic people professional solutions partner. We focus on transforming teams into sustainable, empowered, and motivated workforces. Our all-inclusive monthly strategic people professional retainer fees are structured to suit each client. As such, our people professional retainer fees are based on an as-and-when-required basis, negotiated and agreed upon through a project-based fee.

Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) is about planning the optimum workforce, employing the best people, skilling them appropriately and shifting the mix of talent according to the demands of the marketplace. It is also about building a satisfied, productive and flexible workforce so that people like coming to work, are committed to their jobs and are prepared to innovate and change.

Strategic Human Resource Management can be seen as the means through which human capital is converted into organisational value. With the primary obligation of ensuring that companies have the correct amount, types and skill mixes of employees at an appropriate time and cost to satisfy present and future requirements.

There’s no single Human Resource Management strategy that will deliver success in all cases. Organisations must define their own unique strategy according to their specific context, culture and objectives.

Thus, people professionals like Morale Corp, are instrumental in applying their expertise to understanding organisational circumstances and designing human capital value chains that reflect stakeholder demands.

At Morale Corp we can assist your organisation with the following Strategic HR solutions to meet your organisational goals,

Strategic Human Resource Management
Psychometric Assessment
Statutory HR Legal Compliance
Corporate Placement Solutions

See below for other recommended people professional solutions Morale Corp can assist with

Strategic Human Capital

We provide affordable and flexible strategic human capital services for companies with no dedicated human resources (HR). However, we also support existing and in-house HR functions.

◉ Addressing any employment relation issues and engagement

◉ Chairing disciplinary hearings and setting up the account of outcome

◉Administering the employee abscondment process

◉ Processing all personnel action forms and ensuring proper approval

◉ Daily labour relations and HR assistance to clients

◉ Preparing or updating employment documents and/or records related to hiring, transferring, promoting, and terminating

◉ Drafting, implementing, and administering human resource policies, procedures, codes of conduct, laws, and standards

◉ Drafting employee duties and responsibilities documents

◉ Conducting counselling and coaching sessions with employees

◉ Overseeing hiring process

◉Organizational capability building

◉ Performance management processes and remuneration restructuring

◉ Disciplinary and incapacity management

◉ Strategic Team building

◉ Internal skills development training

Psychometric Assessment

When done correctly, psychometric assessment can significantly raise the probability of choosing the right candidate for a job and retaining them. Morale Corp’s psychometric assessments are more than standard psychometric tests and aim to provide you with a holistic assessment through our broad range of tools.

When done correctly, psychometric testing can significantly raise the probability of choosing the right candidate for a job, and retaining them. While these assessments come with a cost, it is less than the cost of having to constantly re-hire employees.

Companies rely on their employees and the expertise they bring to the team, as well as their ability to work well with others. Employees who struggle often do so because they were selected solely based on the quality of their resumé and a face-to-face interview.

While interviews, background checks, and CVs are critical parts of assessing candidates, soft skills and personality aren’t so easily discerned. Psychometric assessment tools are able to give the hiring manager clear and objective information; enabling them to make decisions with more confidence.
Don’t leave hiring employees to intuition and basic interviews alone! For hiring and retaining top talent, involve Morale Corp to conduct the right psychometric tests for your needs
Our assessments are more than just standard psychometric tests, they work to provide you with a complete set of tools including job suitability assessment that measures interests, work values, task preferences, motivations, attitudes and other issues related to work satisfaction. This focus on behavior competencies and job suitability factors enables you to hire, retain and develop top performance as well as generate greater work satisfaction.

Services we provide include;

◉ Assessments for Recruitment and Selection,

◉ Professional Development,

◉ 360 Degree Surveys, Graduates,

◉ Team Effectiveness Measures, Team & Team Member

◉Personality Profiling, and Executive Team and Board Reviews.

◉Team & Team Member Personality Profiling

◉Executive Team and Board Reviews

◉Growth potential

◉Emotional Intelligence

◉Aptitude assessment

◉Talent match


Morale Corp offers niche end-to-end contingency recruitment services. We can manage the entire hiring process, from advertising positions, shortlisting applicants, conducting interviews, and appointing successful candidates. In addition, we manage headhunting and assessing the right talent for your vacancy.

◉ Placement of permanent and temporary staff/ shift work

◉ Drafting of job descriptions

◉ Drafting of interview questions per job description

◉ Drafting of job advertisements

◉ Response handling (shortlisting of candidates)

◉ Pre-selection interviews

◉ Member of the Interview Panel

◉ Reference checks

◉ In-house training on interview skill

◉ Psychometric Assessment

◉ Contract of employment

◉ Recruitment Policy development and Implementation

◉ Onboarding procedures

◉ KPA and KPI’s

Labour Law and Compliance

Our labour law services help your company manage workplace discipline, resolve labour disputes, and provide practical solutions to ensure legislative compliance and mitigate business risk.

◉ Contracts of Employment

◉ HR Policies

◉ Assistance with grievances, disciplinary cases, poor work performance and cases of ill health

◉ BCEA and LRA Compliance audits

◉ Assistance with Retrenchments

◉ Settlement Agreements

◉ Chairing Disciplinary Hearings

◉ Chairing Grievance Enquiries

◉ Chairing Incapacity Enquiries (ill health / poor work performance)

◉ Performance Improvement Coaching

How can you manage your people, if you don’t understand your people

We also offer:


- Absenteeism management.
- Awareness programmes.
- Mental health
- People risk management


- Employment equity (EE submissions)
- Organizational effectiveness
- Programme management
- Engagement and deployment


- Once-off roll out
- Setting up HR departments
- Human capital audits
- Facilitation
- Ongoing HR projects


- Team coaching
- One-on-one coaching
- Career advancement
- Executive coaching
- Facilitation and mentorship.


- Development, advice, and revision
- HR administration
- Employee handbooks
- HR and statutory compliance


- Emotional intelligence.
- Workplace balance.
- Stress and coping skills
- Leadership.

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