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Subject matter experts select the most appropriate behavioral aspects which the assessments results are matched.

This supports the job description by describing the behavior needed to deliver on KPI’s. then work-based personality questionnaires are administered as well as potentially aptitude assessments. Speed and accuracy are measured in the assessments.

All the results are combined and matched against the behavioral requirements. The reports will then be generated for selection, development, and competency-based interviews, from this feedback will then be provided to line managers and candidates.

Also known as HRO, this is a process of subcontracting specific strategic human capital planning related functions to a third party, typically an external supplier who is a subject matter expert in the field.

From a business perspective, many companies have understood that certain functions can be contracted out to consultants at a reduced cost, in comparison to the overheads related to hiring a full-time team or department. Outsourcing thus becoming more popular among small and medium sized businesses.

Strategic Human Capital planning plays a critical role in protecting your business from legal issues and creating the right policies, practices, and strategies to help your business function more smoothly, hire and retain top performers, and drive achievement.

Research shows that companies with effective HR practices have up to 3.5 times the revenue growth and as much as 2.1 times the profit margins of companies with less capable HR practices. Outsourcing your strategic human capital planning function is also the most cost-effective and fastest way for growing startups.

The Human Capital function today needs to be more strategic in order to help businesses adapt and respond to today’s dynamic business environment and drive higher employee engagement and performance.

Receiving services from a highly experienced, seasoned Human Capital Consultancy which is a familiar player within the Human Capital space, and has the expertise, capacity, and knowledge to deliver exceptional services to your organisation.

Access to highly skilled consultants that are available to deliver solutions as the need arises.

There really are no disadvantages to having an all-inclusive outsourced retainer arrangement. The benefits as highlighted above are significant versus the disadvantage of not having one in place.

Get access to expertise from a team of experts without incurring the heavy overhead costs

Outsourcing your entire  department can often provide you with subject matter experts at a  much lower cost than would be required for an internal employee. You will also save on external training costs that may come with an in-house team. You will not be responsible to pay any benefits, tax, UIF, office spaces and leave for these practitioners.

Outsourced department mitigates employment compliance risks

Employment laws and regulations are getting more complex and constantly changing.

With guidance from a competent outsourced consultant, you can have peace of mind knowing that they have current knowledge on any recent changes to employment laws and regulations and can help you stay compliant with the current rules and regulations.

Save on processes

External providers will have their own methods and tools to manage employees, and to develop and implement the necessary tools and frameworks.

Gain greater expertise

Outsourced services can work with your current team to build their knowledge and skills. If your organisation wants to eventually build your own department, you can start building the foundation with the help of an outsourced consultant.

The consultant may be able to build and manage a complete infrastructure of processes, policies, procedures, and employee communications, all bundled with modern technology for a complete, efficient, tactical HR, Benefits & infrastructure that can scale with your business.

Employee satisfaction

When done right, can help minimise and correct inefficiencies (such as high turnover, disciplinaries, low morale or lack of motivation) that cost your business every day. Additionally, the right consultant can also help you with developing the necessary practices and strategies to engage and inspire employees to perform better.

This may include implementing strategies and processes to improve hiring and on-boarding as well as improving workplace culture, training & development, and performance management.

• Company culture and employee experience to improve employee engagement and retention
• Competitive compensation and benefits to attract talented professionals
• Leadership and team development
• Profiling new hires to ensure culture fit
• Employer branding & talent acquisition
• Regulatory and compliance management
• Onboarding of new hires
• Organizational and personal capability building
• Performance management and evaluation
• Policy development and implementation
• People analytics

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is when a company operates in an ethical and sustainable way and deals with its environmental and social impacts. This means a careful consideration of human rights, the community, environment, and society in which it operates. Morale Corp proudly supports the Heart of Stella Foundation.

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