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Psychometric testing is becoming an increasingly popular tool in the hiring process for companies across industries. These tests allow hiring managers to evaluate candidates’ personality traits, cognitive abilities, and job-specific skills. However, many companies do not have the resources or expertise to develop and administer these tests. As a result, they often turn to outsourced psychometric services to assist them in this process.

Outsourced psychometric services like Morale Corp specialise in developing and administering various psychometric tests. These services typically involve several key steps, including test design, administration, scoring, and analysis.

Test design involves developing a test tailored to the specific needs of the company and the job for which they are hiring. The first stage is to define the job requirements and identify the competencies necessary for success in that role. This information is then used to develop a set of test items to measure these competencies.

Through test administration, candidates take the online, in person, or through a combination. The most common method of test administration for outsourced psychometric services is online. This allows candidates to take the test from anywhere with an internet connection. In addition, this is more cost-effective. However, in-person tests are better for jobs that require hands-on skills or interaction with others. These tests can include role-plays, simulations, or other exercises that assess a candidate’s ability to perform job-related tasks.

Once the test has been administered, the next step is test scoring and analysis. This involves converting the candidate’s responses into a numerical score to evaluate their suitability for the job. Psychometric service providers typically use various scoring methods, depending on the type of test being administered. After scoring, results are analysed to identify patterns or trends that provide valuable insights.

The final step in the outsourced psychometric service process is reporting and feedback. This gives the hiring manager a report summarising the candidate’s test results with recommendations for the next steps.


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