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When it comes to hiring new employees, we all want to find the best possible candidates. The right people can increase business productivity, create a strong workforce, foster commitment to company values and vision, and save money in the long run. But how do we determine who the “right” people are?

Research conducted by Frank L. Schmidt (2016) suggests that General Mental Ability combined with an Integrity assessment is a reliable predictor of job performance, with an average validity of 0.78. General Mental Ability measures an individual’s ability to learn new information, understand instructions, and solve problems, while Integrity assessments can help identify candidates who are honest and sincere, as opposed to deviant and manipulative.

Structured interviews, when paired with general mental ability assessments, are also effective predictors of future job performance. These interviews involve asking the same set of questions in the same order, with questions chosen based on a careful analysis of the job specification.

At Morale Corp, we offer psychometric and recruitment services to help organizations find and hire the right people. Remember, organizations don’t perform, people do. Contact us to learn more about how we can transform your human capital. Don’t forget to like our page for more information and updates.

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